SPAR International has been a proud sponsor of European Athletics events since 1996, reaching millions of consumers through TV coverage and thereby generating greater Brand awareness. The European Athletics Championships are taking place in Barcelona. For 6 days, the Olympic Stadium will host over 1,200 athletes from 50 countries wearing SPAR branded bibs, all competing for the coveted title of ‘European Champion’. The involvement of SPAR in athletics is not only at a pan-European level. SPAR countries sponsor national teams, individual athletes or clubs. In many countries, athletics is supported at schools with assistance being given for sports days. This encouragement of the pursuit of an active, healthy, lifestyle is in keeping with the values of SPAR. Beat Barni to win tickets to the European Athletics Championships in Barcelona 2010. Do you think you can beat Barni? Barni is the official mascot of the European Championships in Barcelona in 2010! A very active, highly enthusiastic youngster, he has already achieved some great successes in various disciplines! Barni challenges you to beat him in the Barni Pentathlon! Challenge friends, colleagues and family to beat Barni! The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person’s height and weight. It is fairly reliable as a measure of body fatness. There is a variation in the result depending on age and origin. It is a screening tool to identify possible weight problems in adults. BMI is not a diagnostic tool. If the BMI result is under 18.5 or over 25 then it is wise to see a health specialist to determine if there is indeed a weight problem which needs correcting. Our approach is simple. We provide you with tasty dishes that are fast, easy to prepare and packed with the vitamins and minerals that help you feel fantastic! Click through the gallery and review our top summer recipes guaranteed to 'lighten' if not enlighten you!

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